Combining corporate learnings with agile methods: Interviewing the new MoVal COO Anna-Mari Nyyssönen

MoVal has seen positive growth lately and as we know, with growth comes resource needs. During Spring 2021 the management team decided to start looking for an experienced B2B sales professional. They got exactly what they were looking for when Anna-Mari Nyyssönen joined MoVal as Chief Operations Officer. 

A true team player with corporate level expertise

Anna-Mari has extensive background in different IT sales leadership and account management positions. She has previously worked for Capgemini (Sogeti) and Ericsson. This knowledge from international corporate level is a great addition to the MoVal team. 

The new COO is excited to take over the daily sales and client operations at MoVal. She sees cooperation as the highest goal, and she is certainly a people person. When asked about what motivates her, it is hard to make her stop:

“My passion lies in smooth client experience: everything must flow smoothly in order to produce maximum value for our clients. Our cooperation must always feel good and make everyone’s day better. This, of course, requires good communication both ways, trust, loyalty and a wider understanding of our clients’ business needs and the whole IT-field.”

Yes, yes, but what does she do? 

For MoVal’s clients, Anna-Mari is the one who can clarify the actual recruitment and resource needs and help in the concepting phase. You don’t need to know exactly what you are doing before you contact MoVal – actually, the sooner you do so, the better for everyone. 

“I don’t offer you ready-made solutions, because there is no one-size-fits-all in this business. The best solutions are the ones which combine an outsider’s point of view with your own experience and know-how. We create better results together,” says Anna-Mari. 

How to get the best experts and keep them happy

Indeed, automation is changing our society and working life. As the mechanical work tasks are more and more automated, new professions arise requiring new skills. Professionals specializing in niche fields are the winners, as the need for their specific deep knowledge will only grow. How will companies attract talent and keep their experts from changing teams? 

“It’s really about wellbeing. You have to provide people with the environment to enable them to fulfill their potential. This is much more than just modern offices, lunch vouchers or bonus checks. Acquiring and keeping talent requires emotional intelligence, community building and genuine interest in people as human beings. After all, people are the greatest asset in this business.”

Visions for the industry future: we don’t know, what we don’t know

The IT field is naturally a fast-paced industry. Digitalisation is constantly changing the way we do things, and you have to be awake and constantly keep your sights on the future in order to keep relevant and valid for your customers. What’s in the crystal ball for the IT field, Anna-Mari Nyyssönen? 

“Well, data leadership is a big thing and you should be on top of that. Also, cloud based AI applications are here and many companies are still taking baby steps with cloud. There are still not too many real cloud architects around, but cloud is happening, ready or not. Another important trend is of course automation. We don’t even know all the new job possibilities the future brings for our kids,” says Anna-Mari, referring to her teenagers who are now choosing their career paths. 

Anna-Mari Nyyssönen officially begins her work at MoVal on June 1st. You can book a meeting with her right away!

040 762 4027 


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