Consultant Markus Perko, the first employee at MoVal tells about his work

Markus Perko is the first consultant at MoVal.

We are proud to introduce our very first employee, consultant Markus Perko!

Markus has been in MoVal since 2016. His workplace is in a telecommunications company where he trains new private cloud end users and develops training materials and documentation.

How did you become interested in MoVal?

”My previous employer was about to lay off all their employees. MoVal had an interesting project with search engines, so I got on board.”

Consultants’ work environment depends on the customer but many are able to do hybrid work. This applies to Markus as well. He worked at the client’s office twice a week but for the last couple of years pretty much everybody has done remote work. The work involves lots of remote meetings, chats and calls with the employees of the client company.

Markus points out some important qualities in a consultant:

  • open
  • proactive
  • self-guided
  • be able to collect small pieces of information and construct a bigger picture 

What makes you as a consultant feel part of the working community?

”I am part of the working community at the client as well as at MoVal. I’m in touch with the customer on a daily basis and I am being treated as any other employee. It doesn’t make a difference whether I am a consultant or not. I attend the virtual coffee break on Fridays twice a month to catch up with other people at MoVal. We also meet in early events.” 

Building communities is also a passion for Markus, no matter if it’s related to work or leisure, photography or 3D technology. 

What do you like about MoVal?

”MoVal has a great working community and they take good care of the employees.”

Markus hopes that soon we will be able to meet each other again face to face.

How would you encourage people to become a consultant?

”Don’t hesitate to apply and keep an open mind. As a consultant, you get to meet many different clients and learn a lot from different kinds of working environments.”

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