External IT professionals with knowhow and expertise

Our core business is to provide professional IT staffing solutions. We bring business specific knowledge to the outsourcing services to truly understand our customers business and hiring needs. We deliver highly skilled IT professionals in Finland and globally for different IT roles.

We openly communicate towards all stakeholders and the lifecycle of the consulting process is truly transparent.

Have a look at the business areas and tasks we specialize in.

More strategic, more personal, more committed

Our advantages

Exceptionally high quality clients and lasting partnerships.

Exceptionally close communication in client relationships.

Strong frame contracts allow MoVal to offer services directly without brokers.

Way of working

Goal: 100% hit rate.

Personally ensuring quality both in candidate skills and personality.

High quality service for candidates and clients.

Exceptionally high level of employee satisfaction (Tampere UAS study 2020).

Welcome to Finland!

We have solid experience in integrating international know-how into Finland. Comfort and adaptation to a new home country are the basis of work motivation. We at Moval know how important adaptation is, and that is why we are paying particular attention to it. By taking care of the well-being and permanence of our employees, we can also guarantee our customers an excellent quality of work.

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Trusted and loyal long-term partner for companies

We want to build success with our customers, focusing on strategic edge that brings value to all parties.