Working for MoVal

We are not your average consulting agency, that is for sure. Our core business is in creating long-term relationships with outstanding customer service.

Our customers look for exceptional knowhow in specific fields, which means we go to great lengths to make sure you feel comfortable working with MoVal. We take care of the paperwork and your contract is always with MoVal. In addition to traditional benefits like lunch and culture vouchers, we offer for example extensive health care. We have excellent employee satisfaction and we are proud of our talents.

We are pioneers in remote work and we have good management processes in place. MoVal has been building sustainable remote organisation since the company started in 2015. Your place of work may be at home, in clients premises or maybe a co-working space in your city would suit you? We are continuously looking for ways to improve and develop our operations both as employer and service provider, and your ideas and feedback are much valued!

Open application

If you’re an expert in business consulting, cloud technologies, project management, IT architecture, coding, UI/UX design, training – or well, anything IT-related, get in touch! If you have experience in and passion for IT, you might be the right person to work in our next client project.

Send an open application together with your CV to and we’ll get back to you!

We promise to handle your personal information with care.

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